• All registered taxable persons are required to furnish an Annual Return for every financial year, electronically, in Form GSTR-9. A registered taxable person opting to pay tax under the composition scheme is required to file the annual return in Form GSTR-9A. However, the below mentioned registered taxable persons are not required to file an Annual Return :-
    1. Input Service Distributor
    2. Person liable to deduct tax at source as per Section 51 (for the purpose of TDS)
    3. Person liable to collect tax at source as per Section 52 (for the purpose of TCS)
    4. Casual taxable person
    5. Non-resident taxable person
    Such returns should be furnished on or before 31st December of the following the end of financial year.
  • If the turnover of the registered taxable person exceeds Rs. Two crore, then the Annual Return is required to be audited by a Chartered Accountant or Cost Accountant. Further, they also have to submit reconciliation statement in Form GSTR-9B. If the turnover does not exceed Rs. Two crore, the registered taxable person can himself compile the details in Form GSTR-9 and submit the return.
  • Any registered taxable person whose registration has been cancelled is required to file Final return in Form GSTR -10. The return has to be filed within three months from the date of cancellation or date of order of cancellation, whichever is earlier
  • If the registered taxable person fails to furnish the return in Form GSTR-3 or GSTR-4 or GSTR-5 or GSTR -6 or GSTR-7 or or Final return in Form GSTR-10, the department will issue a notice in Form GSTR-3A asking the registered taxable person to furnish the particular return within 15 days.
  • Where any return except Annual return, is filed belatedly, the registered taxable person shall be liable to pay a late fee of one hundred rupees for each day of delay subject to a maximum of five thousand rupees.